PPC and Google Adwords campaigns

What is PPC and Google Adwords

PPC (Pay Per Click) is an online advertising method by which (as opposed to advertising campaigns on television, in newspapers and so on) you only pay for customers who enter or buy from you in the store. Google Adwords is the PPC service offered by Google.

Bearing in mind that over 95% of online searches are done through Google, Adwords is the most common PPC marketing method.

PPC campaigns are the most effective way to advertise you. Here’s why:

Your ad is seen by many but you only pay for those who visit your site

You can choose to be seen by those who fit into your client profile

You have full control over your advertising budget, you can change it anytime you want

You know exactly how much you earn for each dollar used in the ad

We know that advertising is now essential to the development of every business. We can create text ads for you to see only by those who are looking for your products and only from the locations you choose. You pay only when they visit your site and the paid amounts are controlled by setting a monthly budget. By promoting Google Adwords you will have access to a new customer segment, in addition to your usual business. They will be registered separately from visitors coming from other sources – from other Google organic search sites that go directly to your site to know what products or services they have bought from you.
Because we also have a business we know that it is essential to know exactly how much you earn for each amount spent. That’s why we love PPC.

What is Remarketing?

Did it happen to you while browsing the Internet to be following an ad of a site you recently visited? If so, it means you already knew about remarketing.
With remarketing, you can choose to have your ad appear only to those who have visited your site in the past. When they enter other websites they will see ads on your site. As a sales process is not finalized most of the time from the first meeting, so most of those who visited your site will leave without buying. Whether they want to see other offers or are only interested in making the purchase later, remarketing will keep your site in mind and they will be able to come back to make a purchase with one click. Remarketing is cheap, efficient, and works.

Here are some of the benefits of working with DigitalCraft

01. Increasing conversions and lowering costs
Not all visitors to your site will buy. In fact, between 2% and 20% will actually complete a transaction. It is obvious that if you have a conversion rate of visitors to customers of 8% compared to 4% your sales volume will be double. That is why in a PPC campaign we target ads to the potential clients with the greatest chance of conversion. Both by choosing the right keywords for sale, removing negative words, and setting up your campaign settings. This way you will have bigger sales and reduced costs, as only those with a real interest in your products will click on your ad.

02. We save you time

Creating a Google Adwords campaign includes many phases, each of which is of major importance in the success of your campaign. Analyze your keywords, optimize your site pages (if applicable), set your Google Adwords, Google Analytics, create the right ad (s), monitor, and periodically change your campaign to increase conversions and cut costs. By working with DigitalCraft you have the advantage of not spending your time to implement all the steps or to correct the errors that can occur without a great experience.

03.  Clear tariffs set at the beginning

The conclusion of a contract is optional. If you want to quit the PPC campaign at any time, you can do it at no extra cost. We only charge an initial fee (for the initial analysis of the site, keywords, competition, and actual campaign settings) and a monthly charge for daily monitoring and subsequent changes when needed. Both are set from the start, we guarantee that there will be no additional costs.

What includes a PPC campaign

Initial analysis and campaign settings


Initial discussion.

We set the goals we are proposing, we discuss the budget of the campaign, we answer any questions you may have about the campaign.

Keyword Analysis.

We will analyze the keywords that your business is looking for. We conduct a study of the competition and the commercials they use (if any). The main purpose is to find the words or phrases that will cost you the least but will have a higher conversion rate.

Site Analysis.

We check the pages to which the visitors will be redirected after clicking on the ad (ad). If necessary, we mutually agree to modify them or create new specific pages for receiving visitors.

Setting up monitoring tools.

We generally work with Google Analytics because it integrates very easily with Google Adwords and the information presented is complete and accurate. This will have a complete situation for visitors, their source and conversions.

Create your campaign.


Create creatives.

We create text, photo, or video ads as appropriate. They must be designed to meet the needs of customers searching for a product or, in the case of remarketing, to cause them to revise the site and make a purchase.

Quality Score.

We will work together to improve the quality score that Google uses to determine the relevancy of a text ad, the page it leads, and other factors. This is a priority for us because the higher the score, the more your ad will appear more often in the search positions and the cost per click will be lower.

Later Management of the PPC campaign

The correct initialization of a Google Adwords campaign does not guarantee the results obtained. This is because there are many elements that vary over time such as the pay per click and the changes made by the competitor.
To be successful, a campaign must be permanently monitored. In a campaign, we take all the necessary steps to ensure its success.

What will we do?

set negative keywords (words that will not generate the creative when appearing in search of a user) and thus reduce costs by avoiding unnecessary clicks

we add long key phrases (search phrases consisting of 3, 4 or more words) because the cost per click is lower

we test new ads and compare the results

remove ads that are not performing

add or modify ad extensions (phone, address, reviews, so users can contact you more easily or increase confidence

set geographic location – we make visible ads only to users in your chosen geographic areas

set multiple campaigns by keyword groups and creatives to align specific keywords with specific creatives

we set an ad serving time so that they do not appear, for example, outside of your business hours

we periodically modify the bid (bid value) so that your ads are always on top

we do a case study to see how the above budget changes affect the budget with examples and so on

Let’s start your project.

We help you reach your objectives and quickly develop your business in the online environment.