Web Design

The website represents the most important piece of owned media because it greatly impacts how the audience will perceive and experience your brand.

When we are creating your website, we don’t just choose a template and fill in the blanks with your information

Our web design team will work closely with you in order to understand your goals, your customer personas, and your story. After finding out all information, we will start designin and developing your new website from scratch. Beside building your website, we also integrate best practices for SEO, marketing automation, conversion optimization and more.

Fast Web design

If you quickly need a small site, we have solutions ready to be implemented.


We ensure that your site visitors will leave with the full cart.

Website for mobile

It is essential that a website be easily accessed from any mobile phone or device.

Blog design

With CMS tools, you can post anytime and anywhere, or schedule postings according to the editorial plan.

Hosting & email services

We work with the largest and most reliable hosting companies in Romania to offer you complete services.

Website maintenance

We offer backup solutions, periodic updates and fast support when you need it.

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Competitive Advantages of DigitalCraft

01. Increasing conversions and lowering costs

Our sites are personalized for each business model. With us you can have your own website, blog, e-commerce site or mobile sites. If you want to increase the number of visitors and the conversion rate, we recommend SEO campaigns with medium and long-term results and online advertising campaigns that will bring you results from the first day.

02. We find solutions for any budget

We like to work on big and small projects. Whether you want an online store with tens of thousands of products or just a presentation site, you can find a solution. You can contact us here and we will work out an action plan that is right for your business.

From NGOs to multinationals, we take projects regardless of your business size.

03. We are always ready to work

Do you have an interesting project? Our team is at your disposal with more information, we are open to new projects and opportunities.

Call us or write us now and you will have a quick solution to earn more money with us.

Here are some of the benefits of working with Digital Craft:

We create unique sites
Our sites are personalized for each business model. With us you can have your own website, blog, e-commerce site or mobile sites. If you want to increase sales by increasing the number of visitors or their conversion to customers, we can do so through medium and long-term SEO campaigns, or you can get results from the first day through online advertising campaigns.

We find solutions for any budget
We like to work on big and small projects. Whether you want an online store with tens of thousands of products or just a presentation site, you can find a solution. You can find here an action plan suitable for your business.

We are always ready to work.
Call us or write us now and you will have a quick solution to earn more money with us.

E-commerce solutions for all types of business

We like to work especially at e-commerce sites due to their complexity. Depending on the type and size of the website you want, we can work with WordPress, Prestashop or Magento platforms for sites with tens of thousands of products.

Our main focus in creating an e-commerce website is that you end as many
transactions as possible. That’s why we make sure your website is easily found by SEO visitors and that much of it will be turned into customers.

We create customized home pages for you, categories, products, checkout and any other page you need for your online store. We know in detail the steps of the online sales process and make sure they are respected in order to get maximum results.

E-commerce sites “at key”
We offer you 100% finished shop. All you have to do is wait for your clients to come in or if you want, we can handle ourselves and that. Before the final handover, the sites are tested and we make sure everything works like a book.

Efficient and easy to use

Our sites are easy to use by both your customers and you. You can add tens of products quickly and painlessly, or we can take care of it. The CMSs we use are the most popular and appreciated.

Focus on sale
Whether we refer to the design or site features, they are all built to maximize your sales. You will have unique pages, which will separate you from the competition in a positive way. We endorse your sales goals that you set and make sure they are met.

Website design specific to mobile devices (phone, tablet)

Smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices have already become the main methods in many countries where a user searches for information on the Internet.

Potential customers want to find out more about your products or services as quickly as possible, and that’s why they appeal first to mobile devices. But, most of the time, the sites accessed are not responsive, meaning they do not look well from your mobile.

A recent study shows that over 70% of websites do not display the information correctly or completely when displayed on mobile devices. What happens to visitors who entered these sites? They will choose the site of a competitor, although it may have higher prices or lower quality services.

Whether it’s a new or existing site, we can make it look impeccable on any device: iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry or others. Then any changes to the main site will be made automatically on the mobile version.

The main benefits:

A growing segment of the market
As long as your clients have switched from desktop to mobile, your site needs to do the same. Mobile traffic has an upward trend and will soon be the main search medium: about 60% of users access a site on mobile devices.

Simple and efficient
Mobile sites, generally, have less and better structured information. Often, they can be created separately from the main site and at a better cost.

Easier to manage

A mobile site is easier to manage. Changes made to the main site can also be
downloaded automatically into the mobile site, which means substantial time savings.

Website maintenance, e-commerce sites, mobile sites

What does site maintenance mean?
Once finished and released in production, it needs permanent updates to keep up with the accelerated development of online technologies. Each update process is backed up so that information is not lost. We take care of maintaining our clients for over 10 years, so you can take care of the business without worrying about the site.

We make sure that once a site we manage online is online.

We can make reprints of an existing site, add new modules and features, or make a complete re-design for your site. We offer hosting services, email, assistance in installing traffic monitoring applications, data centralization, periodic reports and analysis of site visitors’ information.

What does it cost to maintain a site? Maintenance costs are calculated based on the number of hours we work on the site according to custom packages. You do not pay anything extra if it is not necessary to work on the site more than is stipulated in a contract. Thanks to our experience, we make sure everything is done well in the first place so you do not waste your money and time.
Here are some of the benefits of working with Digital Craft:

Quick updates

You always have the latest security updates installed, right from the day they appeared.

You can easily focus on other important things for your business. We save your time by not taking care of the site. We take care of everything so you can devote yourself to other aspects of your business.

We give you support when you need it.

We respond promptly to your requests, whether you want modifications or need

Webdesign solutions for independent blogs or related business website

Through a well-done blog, a business can become an authority in the field in which it operates. The blog helps you to be respected by customers and to increase the number of visitors who will find in your site an important source of information and who will also use your services when making a purchase.
With your blog, you’ll have a much better search engine optimization, you’ll be able to send newsletters to those who follow the blog, and the ability to quickly add content with news from your domain.

Once the blog is ready, you’ll be able to post on the very first day. If you want quality blog articles, but you do not have time to do it, nothing simple: the DigitalCraft team is working with experienced content creators to turn your blog into a successful one.

The main benefits

Turn into an authority in the field
Show your customers and competitors your expertise in the field. Customers will be more confident in your services and will outperform the search engine.

Win short-term visitors and long-term customers
Generally, the blog is for those looking for information, not necessarily those who want to buy immediately. Finding the necessary information quickly on your blog is a great chance to come back to call on the services you provide.

Easy to use
We build your blog so that it is very easy to use. You will be able to post anytime you want to pass on new information to readers.

Hosting and email packages for your business

To have the website always available to your customers, it’s important to have quality hosting. We only work with professional hosting teams. As we offer support on the same day for any problem we have, we guarantee that your site and email will be functional at all times.
By choosing quality hosting, make sure you will not have long-term cost. You do not have to worry about losing customers due to the fact that your site and email will not work.

However, if any problems arise, we are always available to help you remedy it as soon as possible. We are involved every day for any situation that may affect your business.

Here are some of the benefits of working with DigitalCraft

Quality hosting reduces your costs
Do not just look at the cost of a hosting package per month. Consider issues that may occur and affect your business. For a few extra pounds per month, you make sure you will not lose customers due to a fallen server.

We’re dealing with the technical side
You do not have to worry about the databases or other technical information you can master to have a separate hosting package. We’re dealing with this.

Our customers are pleased
Sites that we manage are always online.